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The European Education and Learning Institute -EELI- operates all over the island of Crete, Greece. EELI’s base is in the city of Rethymno located in the centre of Crete and we have further branches in the cities of Chania and Heraklion. EELI offers services in a wide range of community programmes; we aim to actively contribute to the life long learning of people of all ages and strengthen cooperation in education throughout Europe.
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Transforming the lessons into Agile framework II


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Transforming the lessons into Agile framework I

Look at them! they are eager to start now and You? This...

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Classroom Agility – ACCelerating future EDucation online

One of the many challenges we face in the project is the...

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Exhibitions as active learning experiences; our VXDesigners project

Key spaces such as museums and exhibitions are vital for informal learning....

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Mobility Programmes

The European Education and Learning Institute acts as a Sending, Receiving and Intermediary Institution for projects that aim to promote mobility actions for the unemployed, for young workers, trainers and educators, as well as to provide the opportunity to individuals to improve their qualifications.




Guidelines for the work inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers

The aim of the programme «Guidelines for the work inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers» is to search and record the qualifications required by professionals working on refugee’s integration and hosting services

TALKING – Transactional Analysis Learning for Kneeling over the INtercultural Gap

The TALKING project aims to upgrade the skills of educators engaged in training
activities in adult education involving immigrants.

Helping Students with Learning Disabilities – Dyslexia

The main project objective is adapting, testing, and disseminating an integrated system of transferable teaching materials to aid the education/training/decision-making process in the following target groups: teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and entrepreneurs in the Non-Governmental education sector.